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Payroll outsourcing

We offer a full range of services related with the payroll maintenance, including, among other things:

  • a comprehensive process of calculating wages and personnel files maintenance,
  • HR data registration in an HR and payroll system,
  • calculating wages for various employment system types, also when employing foreigners,
  • calculating premiums and advance payments for social security and medical insurance,
  • clearing the civil law contract bills,
  • calculating natural persons income tax,
  • preparing payroll and wage bank transfers,
  • calculating sick leave and holiday pay, unused holiday equivalent, severance payment,
  • managing banking transfers,
  • preparing statements and reports for ZUS (Social Security Office), US (Revenue Office), GUS (Central Statistical Office) and PFRON,(State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled),
  • preparing clearings with ZUS, US and PFRON
  • preparing annual PIT 11/40 statements,
  • drawing up financial reports.



  • cost reduction,
  • performing tasks quicker,
  • employees' higher efficiency,
  • quality increase in the charged tasks execution,
  • access to specialists,
  • access to (structured) data,
  • professional IT solutions,
  • security in data processing and storage,
  • quality guarantee and taking full responsibility for the charged tasks.