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HR processes outsourcing

Companies find it harder and harder to win appropriate employees. In order to meet these needs, Personalis provides outsourcing services in the area of business processes and human resources management.

Our expert team will assist you in active search for the most talented and desirable employees in Poland and abroad. Charging us with the tasks of the best personnel you reduce long-term expenses related with the recruitment processes, improve the flexibility of your personal resources, thus being able to focus on achieving the most important business objectives.

Delegating tasksconnected with human resources has the influence upon the following factors:

  • decreasing the enterprise expenses,
  • higher level of the employees' competences,
  • shortening the recruitment time,
  • maximum utilization of the company's own resources in implementing the enterprise strategic objectives (you do not burden your own personnel with tasks transferred to the hands of professionals),
  • increase of your organization's efficiency in its strategic area.

Adapting the activities to complicated and constantly changing recruiting needs of our customers, we efficiently manage a large database of applications. We collect and analyse in detail a huge amount of information and data to be able to catch, on its basis, the most desirable candidates for the job you offer.

Using the state-of-the-art technological tools, we actively obtain contacts to candidates fulfilling your expectations. In our operations we use may years of experience gained by our experts. We do not confine to excellent facilities; we test new recruitment methods and check the most recent tools aiming at the selection of the most appropriate candidates.