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Recruitment in the Ukraine

The research results suggest that immigrants are more motivated in work. When employing persons, for example, from the Ukraine, the employer may also count on his/her employees huge mobility, limiting the size of unplanned employee turnover or considerable savings.  This is also a method of finding specialists in clearly defined areas.

With the assistance of our foreign branches and Ukrainian partners we offer quick search for employees from the whole territory of the Ukraine, according to the customer's requirements and preferences. We are looking for highly qualified specialists and employees with lower skills, necessary for the proper operation of your company.

Our services include the support of specialists working in the companies belonging to the OCG Group – lawyers in Tywoniuk & Partners Legal Office, accountants and HR and payroll experts in Optimum Tax Experts, as well as:

  • conducting the whole process of obtaining a residence permit – preparing the documents for the Polish administrative bodies and the Polish consular services in the Ukraine, conducting the process of obtaining the visa (6 months);
  • assistance in the employment legalization process – preparing the documents necessary for the residence prolongation and fulfilling the formalities related with the foreign persons employment;
  • assistance of a bilingual Personnel Recruitment and Selection Specialist  - if, during the course of the project, consultations are necessary, the customer may additionally seek assistance of a Personalis Customer Advisor,
  • a visa extension – upon the customer's request, obtaining a residence card or extending the visa validity with a work permit after 6 months.