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Labour leasing

What is labour leasing?

Labour leasing, in other words, is delegating employees so that they work for a different employer.


What is the difference between this employment type and labour leasing?

In the case of temporary employment an employee receives the remuneration from the agency, while in the case of labour leasing - from the company “borrowing” the employee.

According to the provisions of an appropriate act regulating the temporary employment issues, temporary employees cannot be hired by the same employer for a period longer than 18 months and they must be provided with identical work conditions and remuneration as such company's regular employee. Such restrictions do not apply to organizations using labour leasing.

Hire highly qualified specialists or senior managers for a short period of time. This is a chance for your company's development and the most important benefit from labour leasing. Moreover, this model reveals similar benefits as hiring temporary employees:

  • flexibility,
  • cost reduction,
  • time savings,
  • risk containment,
  • greater competitiveness on the job market.