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Temporary employment

Temporary employment refers most frequently to the following duties: seasonal, periodical or ad-hoc (seasonality of sales or tasks performed for replacement of an absent employee: planned holiday, maternity leave, sick leave etc.). We recruit professionals and specialists from various industries, as well as young people and graduates, who gain their first experiences on the job market. In each of the mentioned cases you can be sure that we shall find an employee you need.

Our proposal is particularly helpful for:

  • big manufacturing companies
  • companies relocating their employees (e.g. in order to work at a certain construction site),
  • companies searching for specialists, both in popular and very specific jobs (e.g. programmers, welders, bricklayers or drivers),
  • companies with huge seasonality of works and employee turnover.

    Being a formal employer we are responsible for all administrative and legal issues resulting from the temporary employment contract. Co-operating with Personalis will make employment in your enterprise more professional, simple and rational.

    What is temporary employment?

    Temporary employment is a labour relationship between three subjects: the employee, the employer and the temporary employment agency. The whole relationship between these subjects is regulated by the Act of July 9, 2003, on employing temporary employees.

    An employee is hired by the temporary employment agency, but performs his or her duties at the employer. It means that all administrative issues (remuneration payout, tax and social security premiums etc.) is done by the job agency.

    What are the benefits for the employee?

    Temporary employment gives an employee a chance to find his or her place on the job market, is an easy way on the road to requalification and further career development. Flexibility of the employment terms allows for combining work with other responsibilities or executing greater changes in one's professional life - with no financial loses. This is also a good suggestion for the first job..

    What benefits of the temporary employment can be gained by the employer?

    Temporary employment is related with benefits resulting from flexible response to economic cycles instability. Thanks to rationalizing the employment processes, the employer bears no redundant costs related with the employee maintenance (including the medical insurance and social security) and does not waste any precious time.